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This is part of a series where we talk with Dozr customers.
Today, we talk with Joe Francelj, CEO of UFC Contracting Inc, about how he works smarter with Dozr. 

What kind of business do you run?


UFC Contracting is a landscape excavation company that focuses on high-end landscape work. We also do excavation for residential and commercial foundations, and some site service work, sewer/water, and underground work. 

We started the business in Barrie, Ontario back when I was 21, in 2004, so the company will be turning 13 this year. 

Why do you do what you do?

In my younger years, I took a liking to landscaping and that type of work because I enjoyed the workout. 

Now, as I’ve got older and have grown the business, I’ve started to find ways to work smarter rather than harder. That’s a big reason why we’ve started renting more of our equipment out through Dozr.

"We can make as much money renting equipment through Dozr as we can by putting operators in those machines."


What do your business goals look like right now?

Right now, we're focusing on trimming down the number of crews we have from 8 down to 3 or 4. That means we’re going to have a surplus of about 15-20 pieces of equipment. 

We’ve found that we can make just about as much money renting equipment through Dozr as we could by putting operators in those machines. That's working smarter. 

We'd like to start positioning ourselves to have equipment rentals be a larger part of the business years down the road, and that will be done with the help of Dozr. 

When you first heard the idea of Dozr, what were your first thoughts, and what made you try the platform for the first time?

My first thought of Dozr was: 

"Wow. These guys are doing something similar to what I’m trying to do, but they take care of the whole process and have an established team behind them.”

I discovered Dozr through LinkedIn, and started chatting with Kevin (co-founder/CEO of Dozr) about the business and how Dozr could help me out.

It seemed too good to be true. All I had to do was list the equipment I had for rental, and the time it was available, and Dozr takes care of the rest. The marketing, finding renters, back and forth communication, insurance, collecting payments… everything. 

I started out by renting a 470 I had sitting around. Everything went smoothly with that deal, and it’s just snowballed from there. I'm to the point now where I’m actually buying additional equipment for the purpose of renting out through Dozr. 

"The way that the Dozr platform is set-up —  it's risk-free."


What business challenges did using Dozr help you solve or overcome?

Our biggest issue when we were renting equipment out ourselves was collecting payment. That's one thing I love about Dozr... payment is made upfront to a middle-man so it eliminates that whole issue. 

One concern we did have about using Dozr that first time was not knowing exactly who it was that was going to be using my equipment. The fact that payment is made upfront and that Dozr provides insurance on my equipment, relieves that concern 100%.

At the end of the day, the fact that payment is guaranteed and insurance is provided, is why we said, "You know what? What's it matter who they rent it to?"

The way that the Dozr system is setup, it’s risk-free for renters and loaners.

We expect a few concerns for first-time Dozr users, what were yours?

Well, I think anybody that invests heavily in a piece of equipment would be concerned about where it’s going and who’s using it? But like I said, the platform is excellent. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I’ve been paid upfront and if anything goes wrong, that I’m covered. 

How do you feel about the handling of your equipment looking at the state that it's gone out versus the state that it comes back? 

Generally speaking, we expect there to be little accidents and dings and so forth, but we've had a zero track record with Dozr for having any damage to our equipment.

How’s Dozr made your life easier?

It’s taken over the aspect of me having to put a marketing team together to get my equipment rented out. Since Dozr takes care of that aspect, what's the point of having two shovels in one sandbox? 

Why have you kept coming back in using Dozr time and time again?

Because it hasn't failed me yet… simple as that. I have yet to have a single issue. 

What would you say to businesses similar to yours about using Dozr?

Well, you can't go wrong. That's pretty much the best answer I can give. 

You'll definitely notice the savings if you’re used to dealing with the conventional rental companies. 

The folks at Dozr are a bunch of friendly, professional people that genuinely want to help you and your business succeed.

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